Slap-Shotz Family Sports Pub
Sep 282011

The ultimate bar trivia game is now available at Slap-Shotz! Buzztime has been in bars and restaurants for over 30 years and is still growing by the day. Stop down and test your knowledge and see how smart you are. Register for FREE and join the Buzztime players plus network where you can win tons of prizes plus play on Facebook.

Watch for our weekly competitions where we will be giving away gift cards to the winners on select games and days. Buzztime’s most popular trivia game Showdown is played on Tuesday nights from 8:30-9:30 with multiple rounds, each having a different format and the final round resembling Final Jeopardy.

Football fans can enjoy QB1 where you are in the defensive huddle of every play of the game. You have 30 seconds to predict the offense and get rewarded points based on how accurate you are. QB1 is available for 3 games (1pm,4pm, 8pm) on Sunday plus the Monday night game. Grab your buddies and see who really knows football.

Trivia is not the only thing you can play at Slap-Shotz. Try your luck with No limit Texas Hold’EM and try your luck against the computer and friends. We can also host a Hold’EM tournament for up to ten people. No need for cards, chips or a dealer….we have it all and clean up the mess too!

There are a wide variety of games available at all times of the day. See the whole list of games here to find your favorite. So whats next? Stop by, pull up a seat and ask your bartender or server for a playmaker or play from your smart phone to begin having fun for FREE at Slap-Shotz!

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